10 Savage Relationship Memes That You Can Relate To

savage relationship memes

Savage Relationship Memes

Even picture-perfect relationships have a savage side, and these memes are perfectly savage. From jealous girlfriends to cold-hearted boyfriends to boys being launched back into the friend zone, these memes turn burning love into emotional burns. They make us giggle. They make us laugh. They make us cry because of the sad truth behind the joke…  nah, that’s not it. They make us cry from laughing so hard!

It’s no surprise an Overly Attached Girlfriend meme made the list, as we are all familiar with the scarily-obsessed twinkle in her eyes, but even a ridiculously adorable kitten delivered a savage meme about relationships. You know, if you think about it, maybe that kitty is the perfect representation of a relationship. It looks all cuddly and devoted on the outside, but inside is a carnivorous tiger that’ll go straight for the jugular if you give it the chance. Okay, okay, maybe they’re not all that savage, but these memes certainly are!

1. Did You Give Her Your Scooby Snack?

savage relationship memes

When Scooby wonders where Shaggy got his name from.

2. To Infinity And Beyond Hurtful

savage relationship memes

This cold-hearted guy encouraged his girl to reach for the stars and then shot her out of the sky.

3. Our Relationship Has Flat-Lined

savage relationship memes

Can you hear the text notifications? Listen closely: Beep… Beep… Beep… Beeeeeeeeeeep!

4. Making Sure You Know Your Not Okay

savage relationship memes

I suppose this one has a twinge of sentimentality, but the savage truth is you can love someone and want to karate chop them in the throat at the same time.

5. Careful What You Wish For

savage relationship memes

Psh, he just needs to learn how to use filters.

6. Do What I Want, Not What I Say

savage relationship memes

Hello? I want you to know I want you to leave but you should know you should stay. What’s so hard to understand about that?

Compromise Is The Key To A Happy Relationship

savage relationship memes

Even the cat’s eyes couldn’t compromise.

8. I Didn’t Z That Coming

Too bad we can’t look in the back of the book for answers to one human plus one human.

9. I Got It From Here, Babe

savage relationship memes

Your best decision was choosing me. Now, sit back and relax… I said, “SIT!”

10. Beep…Beep…Back Up to the Friend Zone

savage relationship memes

Back that truck up, boy-space-friend! She’s not done kicking other boys’ tires.  Kick her to the curb and drive on!


Being single doesn’t look so bad through the lens of these savage relationship memes, but memes on being single could certainly give them a run for their money. Whether we are single or in a relationship, there are going to be bumps in the road and even head-on collisions. But, no matter our relationship status, we can (and should) laugh at the ridiculousness of life and keep asking ourselves “Can’t we all just get along?!” Let’s do ourselves a favor, though, and keep it as a rhetorical question. Some questions are better left unanswered, after all, and these memes have taught us the truth can hurt.

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