9 Epic Fail Memes That Will Make Your Day

Epic Fail Memes

Epic Fail Memes Are Epically Funny

Personal failure can be incredibly disheartening, but other people’s failure can be incredibly funny. These are truly hand-to-forehead moments when we can’t help but exclaim “Doh!” like Homer Simpson. These epic fail memes make us feel a little less bad about our mistakes and little better about our day. We, therefore, thank the dummies who are responsible for these brain-fart moments. We openly admit we are not laughing with you. We are laughing at you.

1. Build The Wall

This guy apparently caught the “Build the wall” bug but he ain’t fooling those raccoons.

2. No Beastiality Allowed

Boss: Jan, do you see anything wrong with this final design?

Jan: No, sir. It clearly shows walking your dog is not allowed.

Boss: You have a teenage son, right, Jan?

Jan: Well, yes, but I don’t see why that matters.

Boss: Look again at the sign as if through your son’s eyes.

Jan: I still don’t– Oh my heavens, what have I done?!

3. Oh, Honey

Epic Fail Memes

Have you seen that episode of How I Met Your Mother where they talk about all the poor, naive women who are gullible beyond belief? They name all those girls “Honey”, as in “Oh, Honey, please tell me you didn’t actually go to Brazil.”

4. Dam It

Epic Fail Memes

Construction has always been one of the most dangerous industries to work in. This beaver just knocked the “Days since last injury” tally down to zero.

5. Epic Sense Of Humor

Epic Fail Memes

This epic fail took some planning, and we gotta give the guy props for his epic sense of humor. I know it would make my day if I pulled up behind this guy in traffic.

6. You’re Making It Worse, Dad!

Epic Fail Memes

That 70’s Show is filled with epic fails, but this is one of our favorites. Dad’s are always trying to fix our problems but sometimes totally miss the point.

7. 99 Bottles Of Beer

Epic Fail Memes

99 bottles of beer on the truck, 99 bottles of beer, hit a bump, lose control, 99 bottles of beer on the road.

Epic Fail Memes

Seriously, this is one of the first words kids are able to identify. Three-year-olds can tell you what’s wrong with this picture. Can’t you hear their tiny voices? “You had one job, Steve!”

9. Nothing Last’s Forever

Epic Fail Memes

Nothing last’s forever… except your shame! She better run for the hills, the Grammar Nazis are going to chase her down with tattoo-removal lasers.


That wraps up this edition of Epic Fail Memes. Thankfully, there is no short supply of dumb people performing dumb acts and making bad decisions so we can enjoy an endless supply of them. We point, we laugh, we all have a good time with these epic fail memes. Well, maybe not the person who epically fails. They may need some time to recover, especially that beaver.

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