13 GameStop Memes That Will Make All Gamers Laugh

Gamestop memes

GameStop Memes

GameStop: the Blockbuster of video games. How it has survived this long in this age of digital downloads and Amazon is a mystery to many. The stereotype is gamers don’t leave their mom’s basements even for food, yet sightings of the elusive gamers continue to occur at GameStop. People still line up outside the door on release dates and still trade-in their used games, even though the trade-in price is usually less than the cost of gas to drive there.

GameStop Memes Love To Hate On GameStop

Maybe gamers go to GameStop to get their moms off their back about getting enough Vitamin-D. Maybe they go to glimpse gamer chicks. Or maybe (and I think this to be the most likely) they go to get new material to trash talk Gamestop. Creating GameStop memes and making fun of GameStop online, in general, has become a favorite pastime of gamers. Here are  13 of our favorites.

1. Video Games Have Fried Their Brains

Gamestop memes

Either GameStop believes video games really do fry brains, or they hired their high-school dropout nephew to set their pricing. “Dang it, Chad! We’ve been over this. New games prices need to be greater than used games prices. Remember, the alligator’s mouth opens to the bigger number.”

2. Y U No Buy?!

Gamestop memes

Y u no want preorder? U buy now. U no be happy when we sold-out and u no have game. U go cry to mama cuz u no pre-order.

3. Like-New Pre-Owned Games

gamestop memes

First off, I’d totally buy this copy. Second, I would ask the clerk if they threw in a little bonus when they bought this game back. I mean, c’mon, who needs original cover art when you have original artwork?

4. The Magic Number

Gamestop memes

GameStop has deemed $7.50 the ultimate fair price of a trade-in and customers tear them apart for it. Most GameStop memes are about their ridiculously low trade-in values and most of those memes include this magic $7.50 number for their punchline.

5. Would You Like Fries With That?

gamestop memes

GameStop piecemeals the crap out of games to squeeze every penny they can from your velcro wallet. In all fairness, the game makers are responsible for breaking down most of the parts but GameStop throws in exclusives and incentives as well.

6. Amiibo

Gamestop memes

Nintendo Amiibo are figurines that can interact with certain games and earn you bonuses or specialty items within a game. Nintendo limits the number of Amiibo that are sent out to each GameStop which, granted, is out of GameStop’s control, but you can go on release day and they are still nowhere to be found. One could speculate (and I do) employees are purchasing them and reselling them online.

7. Sleep Mode

gamestop memes

Someone needs to give this guy a power-up. The poor guy is so exhausted from all the preorders, he decided a metal ladder would make the perfect pillow.

8. Kermit Karma

Gamestop memes

I feel like this should give birth to another meme of an officer getting the GameStop employee’s statement:

Officer: How much did they get away with?

GameStop Employee: $7.50

9. Price Check At Register Three

gamestop memes

GameStop is known for getting outpriced by what I guess you can call competitors, but hey, as long as people keep falling for it, they’ll keep taking their money.

10. Just Give Me The Game!

gamestop memes

This Halo 2 meme makes fun of GameStop’s endless upselling. You quickly find yourself escalating from polite no thank yous to “Just give me the game!”

11. GameStop Cameo

games stop memes

This meme takes the hatred of buy-back pricing to the next level with this inside joke. It seriously makes you wonder if the designers of Fallout 4 are GameStop customers too.

12. Cluck Cluck

gamestop memes

GameStop customers everywhere are going, “Hey, that looks like ____! That pecker only gave me $7.50 for Red Dead Redemption II.”

13. $7.50 Should Cover It

gamestop memes

It’s only right to end this list with a $7.50 GameStop Meme. No matter how many times you see it, you can’t help saying that it’s so true! Find comfort in knowing this magic number has united your kindred gamers against the evil overlord of games.


We all make fun of GameStop, but apparently, their annoying practices don’t keep us from shopping there because they are still around while Blockbuster and CD Warehouse are six feet under. I suppose they are like our little brother that we let tag along so we can pick on him. Sure, we may tease him but we love him just the same. So don’t take our GameStop Memes too seriously, GameStop. We’re just playing around.

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