Are Memes Just for Men? Feminists Beg to Differ

Memes have become a big part of internet activity, sharing, and communication today. Whether they’re used to make fun of current events, common personality types, or outlandish government policies, there’s something so simple, yet hysterical, about using a picture or two, and pasting some slopping, sarcastic, and witty text on top of it.

Memes have been around for a while, with many claiming this 1921 cartoon to be the first meme. Over time, memes have become a bigger part of our lives, simply because we have the technology to view, send, and make them at a moment’s notice.

Companies have taken notice, with Netflix reportedly using memes to popularize the release of their original movie, Bird Box, earlier this year.

In the past 5-6 years, as memes have been spreading like wildfire, we generally assume it’s all men behind their making and sharing. There is something unmistakably male dominant about the meme industry, which means many common memes shared on the internet are rooted in male interests and humor.

Are women not interested in memes, or are we just not paying attention? We found the answer to be the latter.

Feminist Meme Makers

Memes are excellent vehicles for commenting and criticizing modern political issues and social values. As a result, feminists are using memes to cover everything from mental health, white feminism, and sexism, to heteronormativity and the patriarchy. They are leveraging memes as a larger reflection of their sociopolitical discontent, using these funny graphics as a way to make us smile, while also inspiring us to think about the bigger picture.

Famous female meme makers in the game today include @gothshakira, @bunnymemes, @scariest_bug_ever,, and @esoteric_queen, with many more you can check out located here:

Spreading Awareness with a Sense of Humor

One great feminist meme states “When he hides behind the façade of being transgressive and progressive in his art, but still holds archaic and patriarchal misogynistic beliefs” on top of a picture of J-Lo grimacing. In one image, the meme manages to unite feminists around a common male problem today, while also spurring all men to consider this kind of hypocrisy in their lives.

We’re smiling, laughing, and sharing content that is also making us think and open up our eyes. It’s a great way to spread awareness without having to engage in Facebook arguments or heated debates.

Memes are not just for boys between the ages of 13 and 18. They are for women, of all ages and backgrounds, as they take on the patriarchal society we have all accepted as “ok” for centuries. Feminists memes act as a force against what we commonly perceive meme culture to be, and we can’t wait to see what enlightening, eye-opening, and educated feminist memes are awaiting us during the 2019 summer meme season.

Are memes just for men? To us, that’s like asking “is oxygen just for male breathing?” Get out there, ladies, and share your meme wit.

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